Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Do You Know ?

Hello there! Good morning! I have realised that there are many things we do not know but those things are within the knowledge of some others. I would like to share this knowledge with others. My idea is to compile the things that I know through my reading, experience and information passed down to me of which you may or may not know. If the collection makes good reading material then I will publish a book to be named "101 Things You May Not Know" or in Bahasa Malaysia " 101 Perkara Yang Anda (Mungkin) Tidak Tahu" Off and on I will enter a few entries on this subject in my blog. You may comment and say whether you have already known about that or that its new to you.
I am happy to note that the number of visitors to my blog is increasing daily. However most of them are silent readers. So to encourage comments I am going to offer gifts to the comment entry in my blog number 50th, 75th and the 100th ( for this I will count from the first entry by fellow blogger,OO. I will approve all entries that are not obnoxious. You may want to know what is the nature of the gifts. It will be in the form of a bottle of homemade(by Mak Teh), acar buah utara (very deliciously appetising!) On top of that if the entry is a very good and positive one, I will add another bonus, a bottle of tempoyak (home-made A grade, product of our dusun, lovely taste like grade A cheese) Whoever wins (or the representative)will have to collect the gift or gifts at a place in Kuala Lumpur). Thank you for your interest and happy blogging with comments entries in my blog! Good Luck!He, he, he.


  1. Yum! Acar buah is our favourite! especially during fasting month!!!! Wah, kena 'kecek' recipes from you and I would think of what the 'pengkeras' I want to give you in return..hehehehe..

    This is a good idea (the coming book!) not many local writers have write such books..selalunya novel cinta - to me dah byk sangat dah buku2 macam tu, we need something else, something different!

    By the way, my blog at efx2 is having downtime (I guess coz i can't even open the page) so, if you want to visit me click to my name, you'll be directed to my other place i.e kekohchar.blogspot.com.

    And, I have finished reading Cowrie Emas last nite! I'll write a review on that soon.

  2. OO, thank you for the encouragement to produce the books. So far I am very good at producing the titles for books but for the books to comeout in the market it will take sometime. As my husband had said to me " You have written 100 books!" Those words came from him because he 'perli' (what's the english word?) me due to me always saying I'll write this book and that book on this topic and that topic whatever we were dicussing at that time! However as you can see only 2 books came out so far!

  3. not to be discouraged by your hubby's words, i think those were meant to be as penaik semangat also kan? BUT you already produced 2 books which I think it's not that easy!!!

    now you have other pemangkin (blog readers) to expedite the writing!

  4. I've read the 101 Msian Anecdotes, now I can look forward for another 101 series..

    Betul kata OO, we need this kind of book.

    Pagi tadi out of the blues, my hubby suggested that I should take up writing. Tapi rasanya I just don't have the flair....

    By the way, kalau bukan commenter No 50, 75 , 100 tak kan tak dapat rasa acar buah tu???

  5. makteh...kalau nasib maklang tak baik macam yang dapat acar buah and tempoyak tu, boleh ke makteh kasi resepi dia??he..he...

  6. hellew mak teh. am hopping over from OO .. very very interesting idea indeed.

    Hmm I have one .. do you know that even identical twins are only identical genetically but have minor differences after the egg has divided into two? and somehow the younger twin is always taller than the older one ?

    hardly a malaysia fact but I can't think under pressure. arghhh!!


  7. Thank you OO and mamamia, we are going to start right away to collect materials for this book "101 Things You May Not Know" Today we have one entry from gartblue, we have to see wheteher this entry can get into the book. If possible you have to tell the source eg scientific facts from....book or belief & custom my nenek told me or something like that.
    As for the comment entry in my blog you dont have to put factual or academic entry, any comment will do as long as not obnoxious (benda tak elok). If you are lucky you get the present being comment entry number 50th, 75th or 100th (excluding my comments)OO is doing the counting, he,he!Lawak je!

    Mak lang and mamamia as for those who are not lucky, (but also want the gifts) we are thinking of a way how to stop your airliur meleleh. He, he, he. Don't worry we are thinking hard!