Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Have I Really Aged?

Hello guys! I am quite exhausted today because for the past three days had been very busy. Today suddenly the reality that I have indeed aged hits me! I am feeling soo tired and exhausted. All these while, I have managed to feel young because the rythm of my daily life has been quite the same. I have no menantu and cucu yet, the girls at the publishers and other young friends had refused to call me mak cik they call me kakak, then hubby and me had for ages used the four wheel-drive (like young people?)and we love driving long distances day or night, then we love the company of young people especially our students. Well as they say, age does not matter as long as you feel youg at heart, you are young. However quite sad to tell you that when the body aches, then your heart no longer manage to feel young! And then you would not feel like taking that overseas trips that you have been planning! Fortunately when our family was younger we had taken the children almost everywhere (locally lah!) Overseas, the whole family togethter? Only once.
So you young people out there, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and take your children along. Believe me they will remember the trip for a lifetime! However plan well and budget for the trip first.


  1. maklang nak gak jalan jauh2 ni...tapi tak taulah bila mak teh...

  2. baru plan nak jalan2 ni!, rasanya nak ke terengganu. So, Maklang, be prepared! hehehehehe....

  3. Mak lang and OO, it is good to take the children for vacation when they are young. They will remember for the rest of their lives. And when they are grown ups and we are not around, they will cherish the memories! I still do!