Friday, 6 July 2007

Second thoughts about food

Hello girls! Today I would like to discuss about the food we eat. Usually you eat what you like and buy the food that you like. However have you ever come across a situation where you took a first bite a certain food and wished you had never bought it (because it tasted lowsy) . It happened to me many times, yet I still repeat the mistake. Sometimes I just had to eat what I had bought becuse I do not want to waste the food. However later I would regret eating the food. I should not have eaten any food that I have second thoughts about. There were also occassions when I noticed the unhygenic food handler (having long nails) after paying for the food. At that moment I would made up my mind not go to the shop again. However I would complain to the shopowner about the unhygenic worker before leaving the shop. If I had to eat in a new place, I would avoid looking into the kitchen or the back of the shop. I may not be able to swallow the food if I did that. Most of the time when we buy food, we are attracted to the taste (we had imagined the taste and worked up our appetite). Why not make sure you don't buy the germs, bacteria, worms and poisonous substance that comes with it. And I'm telling myself again not to buy or eat any food that I have second thoughts about. So let's look, observe and think before we buy or eat food in stalls, shops and restaurants. However, there is one shop that I could eat as much as I want without any qualms, like eating my own homecook food ie at 'Dapur Bersih' located at Bandar Darulaman, Jitra, Kedah. They use only quality raw materials and their food are free of msg and preservatives. If you are staying around there, or happened to be around there during your visits to the north, you may order any kind of homecook food to eat in or 'tapau' or for your kenduri. (Their phone number: 04-9176231) . Happy eating but cautious of what you put into your mouth. We do not want to contract diarrhoea, gastric or worse something which may later develop into cancer!


  1. thanx for recommended clean place to eat! mana tau kot2 sesat kat sana boleh singgah.

    but truly, it is the same case here..kalau dah pi jenguk toilet/washrooms and then tak kenan say bye-bye laaa..tak pi dah kedai tu..the nail pun critical jugak! one thing about me, kalau dah kata tak leh telan, buat la camana pun memang tak boleh telan!

    i think my mom also another person yg saaaaangat cerewat pasal makan kat luar; she never makan kat luar for as long as i remember; kalau makan sekadar lapik perut tak pernah tengok dia berselera makan luar.

    now i tried to practise the same thing, kalau bawak anak2 jalan, masak dulu pagi then baru keluar so bila balik petang, food is already there unless memang tujuan keluar tu nak makan.

  2. Kalau keluar bawa anak-anak outing, eloklah siap bawa makan sekali. Dah le save duit save perut dari penyakit! Yang I recommend tu memang bagus masakan dan kebersihannya tapi bukanlah tempat ada kelas macam KL ni. You will gat an idea why I recommend baca 101 anecdotes episode 'Generous Nature' He, he the owner is Umi!