Saturday, 7 July 2007

Planning an outing to the Dusun

Today I am busy, planning the menu and preparing the food items to take along for tomorrow 'A Day at the Dusun'. I have mentioned earlier that we are taking the students and my households including the maids to have a picnic at our dusun durian situated about 30 km from KL. The outdoor activities for tomorrow will be taken care by Aly who is now our attachment staff (ustaz) and his elder brother Z will assist him. My husband who is also the Mudir will take care of the 'kemahiran hidup' exposure where students will be taken to the goat farm nearby to understand the making of the bio manure from the goats droppings. I will exclude myself from that one! My main activities will be eating and wallowing in the stream. ( he,he,he, care to join?) The ustaz and science teacher's family will be coming along as well. All participants especially the students are excited about this outing.Will report the outcome on monday.


  1. sounds great! errr.. i would also escaped myself from the bio manure making!...wallowing in the stream!!!!!! I love that! lepas tu berangan! hheheheheh...but tomorrow we will having some guests here..thanx for the invitation insyaAllah next time!

    hopefully all of you will have a blast! and i shall be thinking of the durian and pulut that all of you gonna enjoy! *drool*

  2. selamat berkenalan mak teh...

    best tu mandi sungai..nak join, tapi kat mana tu??

  3. Give me your address, maybe can send some! Kalau OO rajin bolehlah organize the trip to the dusun kalau ada member lain ingin nak pergi. Tapi macam I kata kat mamamia haritu tempat ni simply basic, back to nature. So kalau orang bandar mungkin tak suka tempat macamtu. Esok akan diceritakan lebih mengenai the place and the picnic.

  4. Salam di sambut Mak Lang. Thank you for 'jenguk' blog saya ni. Saya pun jenguklah blog Mak Lang jap tadi. Nanti nak baca habis-habis. Bari intai sikit, nampaknya mak lang ni pandai menjahit, saya admire, sebab menjahitlah satu perkara yang saya tidak pandai langsung. Allah maha kaya Dia beri tiap orang ada kelebihan masing-masing. Nak pergi dusun saya yang ada sungai tu boleh, tapi sungai dia kecilje anak sungai lebih tepat. Saya ni jenis malu nak cerita terbuka-terbuka. Nanti tanya pada OO apa yang perlu, Ok?